Dominos Pizza - Mexican Green Wave Pizza

Dominos Pizza – Food Review

Just love the double cheese bursts from Dominos Pizza. We used to come here every wednesday from our office when they had this wednesday’s buy one and get one free offer. Miss this offer now.

Their paneer is hard so I don’t prefer paneer pizza. Normally we always have 5 pepper and mexican green wave with double cheese burst, its delicious.

Their cheese burst is unbeatable, dripping cheese tastes delicious, make you love every bite of it.

Their delivery of double cheese burst dont have so much cheese compared to when you have it there. So its better if you go and have double cheese burst rather than order for home delivery.

Their garlic bread with cheese dip is also amazing and tastes delicious.

Their bread leaves the¬† powder like particles¬† but you’ll Enjoy the cheese burst.

Dominos Pizza - Mexican Green Wave Pizza
Mexican Green Wave Pizza


Dominos Pizza

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