Madeira infused bharwaa chicken at finch

The Finch Mumbai – Review

Finch Overview

Finch, what a wonderful place. The restaurant is smartly divided into different zones. With each zone having different seating arrangements.

Finch have music every evening with upcoming and promising artists from Mumbai and Pune.  With a performance area right at the center, they also have a closed section. But I doubt you would want to miss out on those performances.

Coming to food, their menu is divided into, around the world, Indian and far east sections. All these sections give you ample of variety to enjoy.

Food Review

Korean spinach soup at Finch
Korean spinach soup

­čö╣Korean spinach soup – complimentary soup. It was hot, spicy and excellent seasoning. The first sip gave us the burst of flavors. And we absolutely loved it. That’s how you expect your evening to kick off.

Madeira infused bharwaa chicken at finch
Madeira infused bharwaa chicken

­čö╣Madeira infused bharwaa chicken – As Delicious as it can get. Indian spice madeira (wine) marinated Stuffed chicken, cooked in a clay oven. Served with freshly made chutney.

Stir fried chicken at finch
Stir fried chicken

­čö╣Stir fried chicken – Chicken chunks stir fried in finch special sauce, chili, bell peppers and topped with spring onions and cashew. The chicken was tender and juicy. Incredible taste. A must try.

Spiced blood mary prawns at finch
Spiced blood mary prawns

­čö╣Spiced blood mary prawns – Fresh big sized prawns, marinated with spices, perfectly grilled, placed in virgin bloody mary chaser shot. Loaded with bold flavors. And perfect presentation.

Masala prawns tempura at finch
Masala prawns tempura

­čö╣Masala prawns tempura – Indian spice battered prawns, deep fried until crisp and golden. served with house special dip. We found it bit bland to our taste but a good munching option

The finchs kesar dum biryani at finch
The finchs kesar dum biryani

­čö╣The finchs kesar dum biryani – Well prepared dum biryani as it has to be. Saffron infused long basmati rice. Good balance of masala. Absolutely Loved the aromatic essence of biryani.

Basbousa at finch

­čö╣Basbousa – Balanced sweetness. rava cake, soaked in rose scented syrup.

Salted caramel and oreo cheese cake at finch
Salted caramel and oreo cheese cake

­čö╣Salted caramel and oreo cheese cake – Cracked oreo crust was perfect. sweet/salt caramel on baked layers of cream cheese. Just delicious.

Drinks Review

Citrus ice tea at finch
Citrus ice tea

­čö╣Citrus ice tea – nice kiwi kick which adds zest to the drink.

Orange and chilly at finch
Orange and chilly

­čö╣Orange and chilly – Refreshing orange juice with a touch of chili that makes for the perfect sip.

Rosemary watermelon iced tea at finch
Rosemary watermelon iced tea

­čö╣Rosemary watermelon iced tea – Decent iced tea, a very strong taste of watermelon.

Peccato at finch

­čö╣Peccato – peach punch with lemongrass flavor. Nice drink.